Lidia L. Pastiu

lidia-photoFrom a young age, Lidia loved drawing and re-arranging furniture in her childhood home. Cleaning the house was one of her responsibilities and she would get tired of having things in the same place. She often moved things around to make them seem new and more interesting. Her creative personality has continued to flourish throughout her life and career, leading her to open Lidia Design, Inc., a full service Interior Design Firm.

Upon graduation from High School, Lidia attempted to pursue an Accounting career. It didn’t take very long for her to realize that this was not what she wanted to do. Years later, after working in a Chicago high rise observing bare concrete buildings being transformed into functional, livable spaces, it inspired her to get involved in Interior Design. Her husband, Nick Pastiu of Nick’s Upholstery Inc. was already involved in many projects with interior designers at the time. Lidia was able to be a part of many of these projects, giving her input and sketching various furniture pieces to be built for customer’s homes. She made every effort to complete her degree in a timely manner, all the while working full time and raising a family.

In 2001, Lidia acquired her Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago, Illinois. After graduation, she worked for a prestigious architectural firm on the North Shore for almost eight years before opening her own firm. Working in the architectural firm gave her a strong base and insight into architecture and an appreciation for working hand in hand with architects and builders from the start of each project. Lidia believes that good communication and teamwork are two key elements required in every project to be successful.

With the knowledge gained thru her education and the experience she attained, Lidia is able take on projects of all kinds. Her ability and confidence in what she does, spurs on referrals and new projects to be discovered. Her insight in Architecture, gives her a strong advantage that most interior designers are not fortunate to have. For Lidia, decorating “is the icing on the cake”. All the effort, planning and design ideas that goes into a project, is what sets up the final layers of the design process to be successful. Lidia is a good listener, has a pleasant personality and is very easy to work with. Lidia does not like to impose her sense of style on a project but rather emphasize the customer’s style and way of life. We are all unique in the way we are and the way we live. What works for one customer doesn’t always work for another. Lidia learns all she can about her customer’s lifestyles, which helps her achieve great results in the end. Lidia’s coordination of colors and layering of patterns with textures, along with combining old pieces with new ones, brings warmth and a continuity to your space.
Lidia continues to grow her Interior Design Firm, while also partnering with her husband Nick in the custom furniture upholstery business. Lidia uses the accounting skills, she once thought were not needed, to maintain the book keeping for both of their firms.

Lidia Design Showroom is a resourceful source for customers seeking Interior Design or Custom Furniture Re-upholstery Services with a vast selection of fabrics, leather, window treatments and hardware options, and other accessories for decorating your home.

Lidia Design serves areas such as Chicago, North Shore, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Some of our recent and projects include: a church lounge and bath remodel in Winnetka, Illinois; a complete exterior remodel and front entry addition in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin; a complete interior remodel including a new kitchen; a doctor’s home garage turned into a home office in Naperville, Illinois.
Lidia and Nick also hope to launch their own line of custom furniture with quality made pieces that are stylish, functional and comfortable.